Sunday, May 9, 2010


The next couple of weeks will be pretty crazy for me--with a bunch of very happy rendezvous! (What's the plural???) I'll try to post something more writerly toward the end of May or beginning of June.

My best friend from childhood, Thespian, will be visiting for the week;
I get to hang with the Italian Motorcycle Babe on Saturday;
Will watch the Preakness Stakes with Galia that evening;
Have the pleasure of bossing, er, directing H&M's wedding party for the ceremony on Sunday;
Then fly out to visit Mr. Amazing Dude's Oma in a very happy sunny locale for a week.

Oh, and then we'll be off to visit my family (and their aged cat and berserk German Shepherd) over Memorial Day weekend. Yay! :-)

Hope to try to scribble on my WIP a little bit more. Should also know something on May 15th about the writing contest I entered.

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