Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silly Serial

Some friends are badgering me to blog a rather silly story. To blog it serial style--like the old black-and-white westerns that ran with a new mini-episode each time you went to the movies.

I cannot guarantee such regularity. Neither can Metamucil. (I hear prunes work.....)


I'm debating undertaking such a blogging feat. It would offer fodder for blog posts.

Yet, it truly is a Very. Silly. Story. involving a multi-ethnic crowd, a hero with a British accent, a girl running from 'fate' (ahem), and human trafficking.

Oh, and Beatrix Potter. Lots of Beatrix Potter.

Can we say: pablum? (my friends doubt that is a 'real' word....maybe I should have entitled this post "The Tale of Beatrix Potter, Pablum, and Prunes")

But regardless, who would want to read it? (editor's note: rhetorical question)

Would you? (editor's note: maybe not so rhetorical)


  1. Yum! I love cereal, may I have another bowl?

  2. With alliteration like that, of course we want to read it!


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