Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Design

A fellow writer and good friend told me my blog looked, well, like I was writing "Prairie Romances."  (You know, the uber-sweet, unrealistically happily-ever-after syndrome coloring many novels today?)

Sigh.  'Tis the fate of liking carnation pinks and dusty grape purples, but writing mostly Suspense/Adventure.

They are anchronistic.  A bit.

I like blue and green too.  But once again, they don't scream Suspense/Action/Adventure.  Or even Chic Lit, which I dabble in as well.

Trouble is, to me, Suspense is Black or Red.  I don't really care for either. :-/  Rarely can it give a sense of elegant presence.  To me those two colors come off being stark or too loud/heavy.

It's reminded me how much color affects people.  Some people are affected more than others, obviously.  But color draws in the soul and emotions, promoting either peace and healing and joy or agitation and depression.

So all that to say, since I'm trying to avoid branding myself as Prairie/Amish/Sweetheart Romance (despite one of my stories occurring in Wyoming, it's really not what I write), I'm trying on different blog backgrounds.  Let me know what you think! :-)

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