Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PROFILE: Eve Durandt

Continuing my series of character profiles, Eve Durandt is the heroine of What He Never Told Me.  The daughter of a widowed American diplomat, Eve grew up around the world in such places as Austria, South Korea, Afghanistan, France, and Guatemala.  At twenty-three, Eve has just begun a PhD program in Anthropology at St Andrews in Scotland and is dating the son of a Russian diplomat.  When her boyfriend Yuri proposes, Eve decides it's time to bridge some of the distance between her and her father, her only living relative.  She says goodbye to Yuri and flies down to Northern Italy to spend a weekend with her father, recently posted to the US Embassy in Tirana, Albania.

Due to the nature of her father's work and personality, Eve has a shaky relationship with her dad and an even more volatile one with her home country.  She doesn't feel at home anywhere as her life has been spent in various multicultural settings (often at boarding school).  Her global perspective has resulted in some disdain for American culture, and in her view, America's ongoing wars in the Middle East are tragic if not outright harmful.  This is later highlighted when she encounters Hale, an American raised in rural Oklahoma and a recent veteran of Afghanistan who is very proud of his country.  As shadows from her past challenge her understanding of the world around her, Eve must decide what she is willing to risk to preserve what she believes is true.

And of course, my current pick for Eve's look-alike: Liraz Charhi.

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  1. Hi Abigail :)
    I haven't looked at the story tabs - but I read the two character profiles you have posted here.
    So, here's my feedback! (And I hope it's what you're looking for)
    I really and honestly am interested in your writing and ideas. I actually relate to some of Eve's interests and circumstances (I am highly considering majoring in Anthropology - as I love the combination of history and culture as a whole, and I actually have a complicated relationship with my dad), and I also relate to some of Meghan's concerns and feelings (I really, really want to travel - but feel kept back by the plans I've made for myself so that I can get through life untainted, and I honestly am on a scale of faith - I can't really explain that very well, but just note that I have a multi-course mind and an unsettled heart).
    As far as the psychology and the ponderings of a most young women go, I think that these stories will do a great job at unfolding what they wouldn't be able to say themselves, and will rather spell it out for them in a very poetic way. They're very appealing and very well laid-out, in my opinion.
    I look forward to reading more of your character profiles, and will definitely read any of your books if you ever go into publishing! :)
    I think your work is very lovely!
    -Kaitlyn Forsythe

  2. P.S. - I will vote on your poll once I finally get the chance to actual read your story tabs! :)

  3. still working on reading the back posts, but the good news is google reader worked!


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