Monday, November 15, 2010

PROFILE: Meghan Hardesty

In case you were interested in meeting some of my characters, I thought I'd start posting some little introductions. Here's the first!

Meghan Hardesty is the main character in After Her Death. At twenty-six, she is still figuring out life. For the past two years, she’s worked as an executive assistant for a probate attorney alongside her best friend, Wendy. Meghan spends most weekends at her parents’ house three hours away in Indiana. She takes one class a semester at the University of Illinois, working part-time on a master’s degree she’s not even sure she wants. While the local barista flirts with her, she's not dating anyone, isn't headed anywhere professionally, and her faith is stale. In Wendy's words, she has no direction. But Meghan’s afraid to commit to a direction as it may negatively affect her relationship with her close-knit family. Despite dreaming about adventures traveling the world, Meghan craves the status quo.

What follows is a series of encounters involving the estate of a recently deceased woman of mysterious origins; a reporter bent on digging up the past for a story he hopes will boost him to the next level in his journalism career; parents reluctant to let their adopted adult daughter find out who she is apart from them; and a charming barista whose sense of humor and God lends Meghan a fresh perspective on life.

So far the best "look-alike" in real life I've found for the girl in my head is a cross between Doaa Fares (just below) and Kim Kardashian (without makeup--see at bottom between two guys.)

The two primary male characters are Travis, the reporter (see James McAvoy bottom left), and Raoul, the barista (see Zachary Levi, bottom right). Both play critical roles in pushing Meghan toward uncovering her the truth about her heritage and realizing that she already is the woman she wants to be.

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