Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poll Results

It was a tie for first (suprise, suprise)...

The two top Reader picks are Chasing Shadows and Chocolate Soldier

I am humbled by all who particpated.   A special shoutout to: Galia, H&M, Italian Motorcycle Babe, and GraceKelly--you were all a huge encouragement to me over the past couple of months! :-)

*For those of you new to this blog wondering why the crazy bloggeress has very-vague-spolier-free, hard-to-locate-on-her-blog, synopsises (what IS the plural of synopsis?) of her WIPs (with dates revealing very little progress being made on the stories) here's a mini-explantion.  While I've learned that writers all have a desperate need to write, not all writers are motivated to write in the same fashion.  I LOVE to dream up the stories, but find it hard to write without an expectant audience.  If I know I have someone (even just a couple of good friends who humor me by reading my scribblings) waiting for the latest news from on of my tales, it keeps me going.  The charm isn't foolproof, but is still a pretty good way of keeping my feet to the fire on some of these projects that I've let lay around too long thinking they were going to write themselves.  That being said, one of my fav writers keeps her WIPs close.  There is a lot of wisdom in that (particularly as she is published and I am not!) On the other hand, though, I love the different ways God has sculpted each of us to display a piece of His message to the world in very unique ways.

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