Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little ADD for your day?

This is me blogging.

This is me failing.  :-P

I've been a little ADD the past month and keep going back and forth on what I want to blog about (thus, I end up NOT blogging or blogging on what to blog about.  How typical.)

But for an introspective writer like myself, it's hard to know what to write.  I'm sure Italian Motorcycle Babe would tell me, Forget what other people think--just write what you want and if people want to read it, they will!

Oh dear.  You just caught me monologuing.  Didn't I learn anything from the villain in the Incredibles?

Now, I could, at this point, take two very different tangents on this conversation.  Either I could rant about how blogging and monologuing are truly one in the same (just semantics, people!) or I could discuss movies (since I brought up the Incredibles).  I think you and I'll both find the movie track to be much more scintillating, no?

My mom came out to visit this week as Mr. Amazing Dude was out of town at a symposium.  I decided to show my mom Julie and Julia, partially because I thought she might find it funny, but mostly because I really, REALLY wanted to watch it again. :-)

And like Julia Child's French cookbook, it did not disappoint.  I'm not sure how much Mom liked it, but I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after watching it because Mr. Amazing Dude and I can relate to both couples.  Unfortunately, I relate to Julie a little too well and like Julie, sometimes wish I was as nice and social and well-liked as Julia.  I love cooking, I'm done the powerless bureaucrat job and the thankless customer service job before, survived in a cramped apartment with neighbors making weird noises at odd hours of the night, own a cat, fancy myself to be a writer, and had an adorable pixie cut about 4 years ago. And like Julie's husband, Mr. Amazing Dude is always patient, helps me adjust my perspective and then rescues me from my constant internal dialogue by dragging me off to bed. *blush*

Did I just write that?

Sorry, I'll try to keep this blog PG, folks. ;-)

My lunch break at work is now coming to a close and I'm a swirling mixture of nostalgia and excitement.  I'm picking up Mr. Amazing Dude at the airport this evening and he'll probably ask me if I got to write while he was gone.  The truthful answer will be no, because I was missing you too much and the cat barely got fed, I couldn't sleep at night without you snoring next to me, but I did manage to blog and so if I made someone laugh, then I just justified my existence this week.

This is me blogging....ADD style...

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  1. I love Julie and Julia! I want to watch it with my mom too, but I am not sure what she will think of it. And I like your ADD style blogging. It is refreshing to do every now and again.


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