Thursday, August 4, 2011


1. In Great Expectations, what was the name of the father of the man who wanted to sell Pip "Portable Property"?

    c. The Aged P (It's a cute name even if the story is disturbing).

2. In Kafka's The Trial, what did the white shirt hanging outside the window of the main character's house symbolize?

    b.  Nothing  (!??!! This answer frustrated me to no end.  It was a short answer question on the final and no one in the class even remembered there being a white shirt.  So we all guessed things related to "Surrender" or "Elusive Peace." Nope.  The "correct" answer was "Nothing" as the point of the story according to Dr. H was meaningless).

3. What aspect of Eve made Milton conclude she was created fallen and prone to sin (whereas Adam was not--don't get me started on this one!) in Paradise Lost?

b. Her curls  (although I'm pretty sure the "all the above" would have worked in Milton's scheme.  Since I'm a wavy-curly girl this bothered me. Ros, I'd love to see Lewis' take on this.  Could be my natural quasi-feminist tendencies were working overtime in that class...I'm willing to take another look.  I seem to recall Dr H mentioning that while Milton did teach his daughter to read aloud to him in Greek and Hebrew--he was visually impaired--he apparently didn't teach them how to understand what they were reading--only how to pronounce the words.  Seems pretty selfish).

That what a fun blast from the past--thanks Friends for playing along!! :-)

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