Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Time

I hope to be posting more and writing in my novels again very the middle of April. My brain is spinning and my fingers itching to delve back into story mode. But alas, the real world beckons. I have a deadline in early April for the final draft of the high school civics text I'm working on for my day job.

Even though it's a non-fiction work, this civics curriculum has been a blessing to plow--sometimes sludge-- through over the past 9 months. It truly does feel like a paper pregnancy of sorts. I've had wonderful midwives--er, editors, and can't wait to blog a little more about the experience.

But for now, I need to buckle down and finish strong.

See you all again in April! :-)

PS-To my primary editor on the civics text, Italian Motorcycle Babe: the "book midwife" would be a great name for your future freelance editing service, yes??

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