Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to a Fresh, Pink Start

After nearly ten months, the high school civics text I've been the general editor for is DONE!

And a weight has lifted.

It was a burden both lovely and terrible. Curious and grueling. Fulfilling and disturbing. The project brought out the worst in me (a lazy, controlling, thin-skinned perfectionist) and the best (a creative, confident wordsmith). But God is the best ally any writer could ask for. He got me through it despite my failures and successes, to craft a marvelous piece of high school civics writing that only happened because of Him. My other biggest take away: Editors are your friends. For real. I'm going to remind myself of this once one of my novels gets picked up by an agent.

The realization that I will be "published" make that PUBLISHED by the end of the summer continues to hit me anew--with the force of a loaded garbage truck. A nice-smelling garbage truck, recently scrubbed with industrial strength vinegar (we use eco-friendly products at home) and filled with wildflowers and unicorns. (Bet you thought I was going to say something else about them unicorns, huh? Well, this is a PG rated blog, so I'm not).

Ok. Enough of that.

I now find myself in an transition period. I've learned a lot since last August, when I signed on to write the civics course. Things about myself that I hope will help me as I enter this new phase of life. I thought I would LOVE writing from home, relishing in the peaceful environment I call my home. I was also under the delusion that writing would free me up and inspire me to do MORE writing. It seems to work that way for some folks. Alas, for me, not so much.

While the promised solitude and tranquility of home is enjoyable at times, I am not the introvert I thought I was.That is to say, I am still an introvert, but I also am a "small-group" person and thrive being around my friends. Which wasn't happening except on weekends. And Mr. Amazing Dude was sometimes coming home to a rather neurotic, stress-crazed alien posing as his wife.

So I decided once the civics project was done, I would then focus on my novel writing. I know this is just for a season so I'm going to take hold of it the best I can. But I also now know I can't just hole up and write. I do have to get out regularly.

This was my first week sans work, so I put my plan into practice. While I haven't done any real writing (just thinking-haha!) I've started walking with an old friend who is a SAHM--friends and exercise--two birds with one stone! Today, I also spur of the moment signed up to volunteer at the ESL center at our local library. It was a very visible God-moment for me and I'm excited to see what happens.

But the coolest thing that happened this week? I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!! And it's PINK!

Keep silent all you pink-haters out there. Violet (as I've dubbed her) is no Barbie pink. She's a lovely shade of silvery-pink-lilac, which I find soothing and mood-lifting--excellent medicine for us introspective writers. I look forward to spending many hours letting her pinkness feed my writing. And don't let her exterior fool you--this Sony Vaio is definitely a powerful little machine (Core i5, 4 GB, 640 GB memory, separate NVIDIA graphics-card). And she was on sale to boot.

Suddenly, I'm off to a fresh, pink start with endless possibilities.


  1. Congratulations on finishing! And I like your new plan. And your new laptop. She's cute, even if she isn't a Mac. :-p

  2. LOL. You know, when I see the word, "Mac" I still think of "Mac Attack" (referring to the 90s McDonald's Big Mac ads) before I think of Apple computers. This is probably because my dad was an Atari hold-out into the late 90s before he got a PC. He was never into Macs so I never really knew what they were until I went to college.


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