Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's the Real Scoop on Forest Boy?

So some of you probably saw the news story today about the so-called, "Forest Boy" in Germany. I found the bizarre incident rather intriguing. My mind went in all sorts of directions (some of them rather "out there").
Here's a link to the story if you're not in the know:

Of course, I'm sure as there are many writers who read this blog there are even more theories as to who this boy really is and what really happened to him. Naturally, I'm very curious what these other theories are. At the least, it's a great set up for a mystery or sci-fi/fantasy novel.

A couple of my (tongue-in-cheek) theories (along with appropriate story titles):

Home Alone 4: Lost in the Black Forest: The middle child of a homeschool family of 13 emerges from the forest in Germany six years after his family accidentally left him on a camping trip across Europe.

Nicolae: In the Flesh: Contrary to my doubts, my parents were right.  The Anti-Christ did emerge in my lifetime--as a mysterious orphan in the European countryside with perfect teeth, technological wizardry, and speaking English. Watch out world! Here he comes to charm you with his shaggy blond hair and innocent smile. (How else do you explain the perfect teeth and scars on the forehead and arm??)

Anyone else want to share their favorite theories on Forest Boy? :-)

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