Friday, November 23, 2012

Almost there . . .

I'm about 12,000 words shy of completing my first draft of After Her Death.

It is both thrilling and terrifying. Thrilling because I'm almost done (!!!!!!!) and terrifying because I have the Great Revision before me still. (boo!)

In times like these it's best to focus on today and maybe the next attainable goal (i.e., to have the first draft completed before Christmas) and not worry about about piddly little things like Revisions. ;-)

As a pantser, I'm still trying to figure out the best method of revision for me. I need something that doesn't rob me of my creative juices as many of the plotters' revision suggestions do. Any ideas???

I have worked some on my other novels, but recently have been focusing on just getting AHD's first draft finished. But in case you're curious, here's my word counts for two other novels I've picked at in the past few months.

Scapegoat: 32,139 (aiming for 70k)

What He Never Told Me: 14,348 (aiming at: 50k)

Hope you all had a Thanksgiving that reminded you of at least one thing you are tremendously grateful for.  Specific to writing, I'm very grateful that God gave me the civics textbook to write earlier this year as I was able to prove to myself that I could complete a writing project. I had had serious doubts given my penchant for being an Originator (having grand ideas but not having the steam or interest to see them through) and not a Finisher. But God showed me that I can choose to finish writing novels. No, it's not easy and yes, it might take me longer than most writers, but I CAN do it. :-)

How about you? What were you most grateful for this Thanksgiving?


  1. First things first - your maiden name is Matthews? (teehee)

    What am I thankful for? Much. But, in more recent terms, the people that God has very intentionally (I suppose it's always intentional with Him) placed in my life to encourage me, and to help me grow in my faith.

    Not enough time at the moment, but I hope to catch up on your blog soon.

  2. I'm envious of your ability to summarize your plots. Now I want you to read mine just so you can write a synopsis for me.

    It was so fun sitting with you at the Christmas Party. In fact, I was sitting there thinking, "All I want to do is talk about writing, blah," when you opened the subject.

    Looking forward to reading!

    -- SJ


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