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How we grow

It's been about two and a half years since I last blogged.  My intention back in 2020 was to revive my blog after a nearly 7-year hiatus. But it was 2020. Well, it wasn't JUST 2020 for me. It was 2020 + 2021 + 2022 . . . I had baby, my grandparents died, we bought a house, had to fix up said house, tried to get back into seminary, then got pregnant again (surprise!), Covid finally caught us (not fun while pregnant), had said baby, and so on. 2022 actually had more personal grief for us than 2020 with the unexpected and sometimes horrific deaths of young and old, family and friends, and also our beloved Haddie Cat a week before Christmas.  I haven't written much for pleasure in the interim. I do write in my part-part-time day job and I have published three articles with Fathom Magazine since 2020 which is seriously a dream come true. Honestly, I do not know how parents with small children find time to write unless they have childcare or family nearby. I don't really have

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