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End Times: I Wish We'd All Been . . . Discipled

Talking about eschatology is one of my least favorite things.  Honestly, I think I'd (almost) rather go to the dentist than willingly engage in a discussion about the end times. There are lots of reason for this: over-exposure to weird theories about it as a kid, my desire to avoid arguments on second/third order theological issues that are super controversial, and the fact I don't like to be pigeonholed into a particular theological camp.  On the other hand, my knee-jerk reaction to surviving the culture wars of my childhood is to pursue unity and healing within the church wherever and whenever possible. So i n that vein, I felt compelled to speak  after reading Sara Billups's memoir. The American evangelical church of the 1980s and 90s can be characterized as many things, but the word that looms largest in my mind as someone who grew up in it is this: excess. Coming off the recessions and scarcities of the 1970s, we embraced more: big hair, big meals, bigger homes, and ob

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