Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm not sure how I managed to go for almost two months without even thinking about posting on my blog, but it happened. :-)

Ironically, I don't even have much to say today. Just wanted to share a fun blog to all you writers out there (or those who enjoy trying to figure out what makes people tick). Please visit Jeannie Campbell's Character Therapist. I've been lurking there for a couple of months, playing with the various suggestions she's made. She's offering quite a service to writers, one that I very much appreciate.

Recently, Jeannie posted a series on parenting styles, which turned out to not just be helpful in determining how the parents of my heroine in my WIP respond to her, but also caused me to refine who they are as individuals. I was able to provide more of the "why" behind these two stogy Midwest farmers. I highly recommend checking out her archives for assistance on developing richer, more realistic characters.

Mr. Amazing Dude and I might even take the parenting style quiz ourselves just for kicks. Not to start any rumors or anything....just saying...

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