Thursday, April 7, 2011


I really REALLY love to write.  Sometimes writer's block is nearly fatal and results in an overindulgence in chocolate and several chiropractic visits to work the tension out of my back, but usually I love sitting down to write. (It helps that Mr. Amazing Dude is so supportive).

But there are three (ok, make that four) things I love more:

1. God
2. Mr Amazing Dude (and the rest of my family)
3. Daydreams
4. Dark Chocolate (maybe it's a tie with number 3?)

One of my favorite things to do is find a window, a porch or a little perch somewhere looking over a field or the ocean or just an interesting street and then just daydream.  Recently, I realized this habit isn't laziness (as sloven as it may appear).  It's actually essential to my writing process. 

I was homeschooled for a time growing up.  As such, I was a very diligent, self-motivated child, mostly because I'm the oldest, but also because I knew as soon as I got my schoolwork done, I could sit at the desk in my bedroom and daydream.  The desk was built into the wall with a window overlooking the sloped hill in our backyard.  We lived out West and our house was in the last subdivision in the community with nothing but barren, dry empty hills for miles behind it. 

Such a bleak landscape would not appeal to a lot of folks (it helped my mom that the ocean was just a few miles in the opposite direction).  For me, that view was an endless source of inspiration.  It got to the point, that the moment I surveyed the hills they instantly transported me to the Realm of Possibilities.  Most the WIPs I have today at least indirectly originate from my daydreams supplied by these hills.

Photographer: Toponym ( via Creative Commons license.  
I live against the backdrop of a very different landscape right now, but Mr Amazing Dude and myself are expecting a transition very soon, so maybe I'll get back to those brown arid foothills.  If so, I expect an increase in my WIP production.  (Or maybe I'll just have to hire maid to compensate for all that daydreaming).

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