Saturday, June 18, 2011


The past month has been scurrying about with some big life changes (a graduation, job hunting, and prospective move) so my postings might be slim, but I'll share as I have time and news.  I am still writing as I find time and am hoping that with the job change that I'll be working part-time (instead of full) and with that will have more time to devote to storycraft.  I owe it all to Mr Amazing Dude who not only supports, but understands my need to spin a yarn (or two, or ten).  I'm so blessed by him!

Check out the books on my Bookshelf.  For summer reading, I especially recommend Lisa Wingate's Tending Roses series.  I've only read books 3-5 (didn't realize they were a series until I read the last one).  Highly recommend for some enjoyable thoughtful contemporary fiction with happy endings with a slightly southern flair.  (Feels more mid-west to me...but that's because I used to live in the states she writes about.)

If you're more suspense or mystery inclined, do check out Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harmon series.  She just came out with book 4 earlier this year and I cannot WAIT for book 5. :-)  Fast-paced, intentional writing with a very strong sense of setting and an engaging different sort of heroine.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some scribbling of my own.  Still working on my WIPs, but have a new craze that hit me this weekend.  And it's totally outside my normal genre.  My secret asset will be Mr Amazing Dude who is familiar with all things Sci-Fi and enjoys a rousing philosophical or theological debate.  My latest story does straddle a couple of genres but would probably fall solidly within the sci-fi realm. (Think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow meets X-men meets The Village).  So not my thing but the story is literally poring out of me.  I can't stop it.  I love it!

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