Saturday, January 26, 2013


My life the past few weeks has been relatively quiet (read: not much fodder for blogging). But here are a few bits and pieces that I've enjoyed while waiting to hear back from my beta-readers on the first draft of After Her Death:

--Hanging out at the barn with Abby and rekindling my love of horses (not that it ever died--just didn't have an outlet).

--Meeting with two other writers, Abby and Sara, for official writer support and encouragement. I've spent hours this month rewriting sections of After Her Death as a result. Thanks, gals!

--Reading "How Not to Write a Novel" aloud to Mr Amazing Dude. Well, mostly laughing at what I read and then rereading it to him because he wants to know what's so funny.

--Watching ParaNorman. A genre movie that I would have never picked up intentionally, but wound up laughing the whole way through til the tear-jerking (but happy) ending. A sleeper movie, ParaNorman, did a fantastic job of weaving a strong, but nuanced and multifaceted anti-bullying message. (Hint to self: watching movies with low expectations helps me enjoy them so much more.)

--Cooking with Mr. Amazing Dude. The mushroom and parsley stuff lamb roasted on beets and acorn squash was a very unexpectedly mouth-water meal. I never ceased to be amazed and delighted by his stylish culinary offerings.

Hope everyone is staying (relatively) warm this cold winter!

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