Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forbidden Island

I have a new fascination called Forbidden Island.

It's really not as bad as it sounds.

At Borders last weekend, Mr Amazing Dude and I were browsing cookbooks and stumbled into a display of board games.  Always looking for a new date night toy, we scoured through the random assortment of card, group, and children's games squashed on a table.  We love to play strategy type games, but have found cooperative focused games to be healthier for our relationship than competitive, "instant-death" styles.

And Lo, Mr Amazing Dude discovered the Forbidden Island.

We debated whether to get it then or first go home and check out online reviews.  I was feeling in an especially spontaneous mood and I lobbied hard (and won) to get it now.  It was only $15 and one of the first games we found that could be played 2 player and looked remotely interesting.  Plus, it had a "Mensa Approved" sticker on it.  Undoubtedly, Forbidden Island would either be loads of fun or create hours of confusion as our pitiful brains failed to meet Mensa requirements.

Thankfully, we gambled and won.  It's a GREAT game!  It works great as a 2 player game but would probably also be just as fun (and even more challenging) as a 3 or 4 player.  It has elements of Settlers of Catan (with a modular board composed of tiles) and also Dominion (using action cards).  Unlike those two games, however, it can be played in 30 minutes.  We've been hard pressed to make a game go more than an hour (we've played about 6 rounds since Saturday).

If you're even a little bit of a gamer geek (boards, not video), then you may want to check out "Forbidden Island."  It's simple enough for 10 year-olds to play but due to the mechanics, the game can go up several notches to be uber-challenging.  With a modular board, the game also provides for a nearly endless variation in game play and strategy.  And at $15, it's hard to pass up (Settlers and Dominion run $40-$50).

Care to join us on the Island?

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